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Call Teryhn Between:
10am - 6pm PST Mon - Fri 

In person appointments held @

"A LegalShield membership provides an enormous amount of value. They can handle everything from the trivial to the traumatic!"

- Teryhn F.

Located: 20555 56 Ave, Langley City, BC 

"Go ahead, make your day!"

As a LegalShield member, you will enjoy access to the leading law firms throughout the US and Canada. Advice and consultation on an unlimited number of inquiries. Letters and phone calls made on your behalf. Document reviews; up to 10 pages. Plus so much more! Lots more! 


Essential for any individual, family, or business!


Click Here Or the file Icon above, for a full LegalShield Plan Overview!

"LegalShield helped me get my daughter back full time, advised me in business and real estate. Provided me an income, and later gave my Fiance the power to work when and where she wants. It's helped me, so I'm sure it [Legalshield] will help anyone Make Life Better!"

- Matthew Ferguson, Founder Matte Dreams

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