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Stellar Sanctuary Solutions


Adapting Our Expertise to Your Lifestyle with Signature Home Consultants


At Stellar Sanctuary Solutions, we go beyond basic care, seamlessly adapting our wide range of personalized services to the unique lifestyle needs of each client. Our Signature Home Consultants are more than just service providers; they're a harmonious addition to your home, enhancing your daily life with an array of bespoke services that resonate with your preferences and routines.



Our Services:

  • Personal Care Assistance:
    Offering gentle reminders and helping hands, aiding in daily routines to support a comfortable living environment.


  • Meal Planning & Preparation:
    Crafting individualized meal plans with the assistance of personal culinary specialists, promoting a nutritious and delightful dining experience at home.

  • Light Cleaning & Organization:
    Ensuring your home remains a clean, organized, and welcoming space, with meticulous attention to detail in maintaining order and cleanliness.


  • Wellness and Nutrition Consulting:
    Collaborating with you to cultivate a healthier lifestyle, with personalized advice and strategies based on your nutritional needs and preferences.


  • Shopping Assistance:
    Curating and delivering what you desire, directly to your doorstep, easing the day-to-day shopping hassles.

Bringing sensitivity, expertise, and a personal touch into your home. Our Signature Home Consultant(s) work harmoniously with your existing support system, to offer services that are a testament to dignity, respect, and understanding your unique needs through out the process.

About Stellar Sanctuary Solutions:

Individually owned and operated by Stephen Rogers. As the founder of this service, he engages in active participation with almost every client as his schedule permits. 

Stephen has a network of experienced and passionate Consultants who lend their time and expertise to his service to engage in work that truly makes a difference. 

Together with his son and team Stephen aims to provide the missing elements of care to people in need of the highest level of personal care and assistance.

Reach out to us to connect with a Signature Home Consultant who will work to understand your needs down to the finest details.

Phone: 604-780-2768


Experience the Stellar Difference.
Your enhanced lifestyle and renewed sanctuary await.

Connect with Us - Elevate your daily experiences with personalized assistance that understands and respects your lifestyle.

Reach out today to begin your journey with Stellar Sanctuary Solutions.

Contact us today:

Looking to enrich your day-to-day life with tailored assistance that resonates with your lifestyle?

Reach out to us to connect with a Signature Home Consultant who understands your needs down to the finest details.

Phone: 604-780-2768

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