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Consulting Services

Discover the flexibility and depth of Matthew Ferguson's "Ace Spaders'' consulting services & and Teryhn's "Teryhndactyl" team of hosts and experts.

Whether you need strategic business insights, staff and facility evaluations, comprehensive event planning, or personalized performance/ life advice, our approach adapts to your unique challenges.

Start with a crucial 30-minute call to pinpoint your needs and set the course for tailored, effective consulting solutions


On-site Consulting

Discover the power of On-site Consulting, where the physical presence of an experienced professional can transform challenges into opportunities for clarity and success.

Matthew's extensive sales training, business acumen, and diverse work history across various industries equip him to bring a unique, on-the-ground perspective to each consulting session.

For high-performance business owners looking to scale their ventures, develop sales strategies, or refine their vision, his hands-on approach offers invaluable insights. Similarly, individuals facing complex personal issues will find Matthew's ability to listen and then untangle/ simplify problems incredibly effective.

This is achieved through a rich blend of his own personal experiences and extensive business training while navigating life independently and helping others to resolve personal challenges.


Matthew's consulting style is distinctly tangible and results-oriented. Relying on his vast background, including years in construction and other sectors, he provides practical, actionable strategies specifically tailored to your unique needs. This isn’t just consulting; it's an immersive partnership dedicated to your growth and success.

Working with Matthew involves more than addressing current challenges; it's about laying the groundwork for a substantial future network. On-site consulting is your gateway to a realm of expansive opportunities. Acquire the power of having an expert presence to align your business and personal goals, propelling you toward a flourishing future.

Event Consulting

Embark on your event planning journey with our expert-led Event Consulting package, designed for individuals with a vision to create impactful events. Our approach begins with a personalized conversation to understand your event's ambitions and outcomes, laying the groundwork for creative insights and strategies.

With Event Consulting, you access not only Matthew's expertise in event vision and psychological structuring but a network of seasoned event professionals as well. This team synergy ensures comprehensive support, from crafting high-level strategies to handling specific logistical details like venue selection, insurance, and guest communications.

Select from our two tailored consulting options: a single-comprehensive-call consultation for immediate, essential guidance, or a multi-session package for a deeper, all-encompassing engagement. Our collaborative process encompasses everything from ideation to addressing unique challenges, making sure your event unfolds exactly as envisioned.

Beyond consulting, we offer full-scale Event Management services for those seeking end-to-end event execution. Our dedicated team manages every aspect, ensuring seamless coordination and a memorable experience for all involved.

Partner with us at for an event that not only meets but exceeds expectations, where every detail is crafted for success.

Bussiness Class/ Personal Consulting

Personal Consulting is a service specially crafted for successful business owners and self-employed talents in the upper-income echelons. This service is ideal for those who understand the importance of strategic, focused support in navigating both their professional world and personal life.

Matthew brings over two decades of experience in providing concentrated, high-quality assistance. His expertise lies in being a powerful presence, whether accompanying you to key business events, offering strategic insights on crucial video calls, or providing thoughtful advice on personal matters. His skill in reading rooms, assessing dynamics, and offering tailored advice is unmatched.

This service goes beyond traditional consulting. It's a commitment to ensuring that every professional interaction you have is enhanced, every decision is well-informed, and every personal endeavor is supported with insightful counsel. Whether it's strategizing over a fitness session or discussing business tactics in a relaxed setting, Matthew's focus is on maximizing the potential of every moment.

For professionals earning at the higher end of the spectrum who find themselves in need of a reliable contact who offers not just expertise but a partnership. With Matthew, you gain a consultant who is fully invested in your success – someone who understands the nuances of high-stakes environments and is dedicated to helping you navigate them with ease and confidence.

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