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Matthew  RJ   Ferguson


Oppertunity Scout

Ace is a unique opportunity scout. He offers an intuitive process to assess investments for long-term success. He will observe and evaluate in-person on-location or remotely, validating thoughts or uncovering erroneous information and unseen influences for extra consideration. With a history of successful advisements in such areas and the ability to serve international trips to run detailed errands; Ace provides perspectives crucial for affirming desires, dispelling fears, and securing financial interests.

Strategic Vision Planning

Crafting/ solidifying and planning a step-by-step vision tailored to your unique situation and desires. Ace presents a proven process to turn your lofty goals into near-auto-pilot daily or weekly tasks to take you effortlessly to your desired outcomes. Take Ace on a Consulting basis for assessment and immediate plans you can follow; Or in a Coaching Capacity where you will follow up weekly to initiate a gradual layout of actionable plans with step-by-step instructions for habit integration. Either preference will ensure trackable milestones for success in every area of your life or work.

Ace is building a network and various businesses with his wife and other Coaches and Consultants.
If referrals are deemed more apt to your situation Ace or Teryhn may refer you to his growing network of professionals.

About Ace

Learn more about Ace below or see his About page on his Local Business Networking Website operated by Teyrhn

 Beyond Ace’s unparalleled ability to help discern underlying issues and create plans to navigate through life's multi-faceted challenges; He offers a full suite of services* designed to elevate every dimension of life: (All of the following "services" are expansions of the services mentioned above in strategic planning or as an opportunity scout)

[Please refer to the service title(s) you seek with Ace when reaching out to Teryhn when you contact us]


  • Strategic Problem Solver: With Ace, you will identify the root causes of your concerns and transform them into opportunities for growth, ensuring you achieve what you desire.

  • Futurists Foresight: With a multi-faceted outlook on the many possibilities that the future of emerging technology will most likely bring as it begins to merge into society and other advanced and innovative emerging technologies; Ace can help you understand what is coming before man fully merges with the machine. And no, that is not Hyberbole.

  • Heartfelt Guide: Whether it's finding direction in life, love, or business, Ace's exceptional listening skills and guidance will illuminate your path to fulfillment.

  • Relationship Building: Navigate the complexities of bereavement, address delicate situations, and resolve long-term toxic relationships with Ace's expert guidance. Together, you'll find and foster healthier connections in your life.

  • Business Strategist: Master the art of business with Ace's acumen in strategy, sales, marketing, and beyond. Consulting is Ace’s Passion, not his ultimate business goal. Grow with him by adding him to your team of advisors while you can.

  • Asset Speculation/ Scouting: Need someone to encourage or discourage your investments? From Crypto to stocks enjoy a unique way to think about them. Or Send an Ace on your behalf to assess a home/ property or business for purchase. Ace has enough construction, landscaping, and business acumen to bring you much-needed confidence.

  • Authenticity Detector: Uncover the sincerity of those around you with Ace's keen insight and adept communication. Whether in confidential settings or via expertly managed confrontations, Ace addresses any underlying issues, facilitating the cultivation of sincere and enriching relationships in your life.

  • Cultural Curator: Whether enhancing work culture, community bonds, or personal sophistication, Ace's guidance will cultivate a life of cooperation and understanding. Or Ace can find and deliver the bad news to your weak links. Capable of being blunt or delicate. Private assessments or open reviews are a matter of discussion and preference. 

  • Personal Development Coach: Achieve peak physical form, elevate your communication prowess, and hone a myriad of skills under Ace's tutelage, embracing the best version of yourself. A range of improvement options exist for everyone. Explore them with Ace Guiding you through the transformative changes you desire.

  • Human Condition Buddy: Confront addictions, find your purpose, and tackle existential quandaries with Ace's deep understanding of the human experience, society, and the unspoken/ often unseen aspects of daily life.

  • Steadfast Support: Unfazed by any challenge, situation, or happenstance life can throw at you; Ace remains a rock-solid supporter, holding you accountable to your true aspirations for happiness and fulfillment. Able to communicate through public perceptions or internal self-sabotage, Ace can bring the perspective you need to repair or build back into the public, work environment/ or home.

Beyond Consulting: Discover Ace's human side.

  • Aviation Aficionado: As a skilled drone pilot, Ace brings a unique perspective to every endeavor, soaring above the micro/macro views.

  • Creative Virtuoso: A dabbler in Blender, Unreal Engine 5, Photoshop, Davinci Resolve, and Midjounrey. Ace blends the latest technology with creative insight, crafting experiences, products, and solutions.

  • Nostalgia Navigator: A '90s kid at heart, Ace channels the era's best vibes, connecting on a level that transcends time.

  • Art Enthusiast: With a profound appreciation for art, Ace navigates the world of aesthetics with passion, offering insights into the beauty around us.

  • Gaming Vet: A lifetime spent both immersed in and somewhat crafting virtual worlds, Ace is a seasoned appreciator of video games. With expertise spanning from the controller to the game engine, Ace not only masters these digital adventures but will also Play with an enthusiastic client. He also dreams of game creation, offering a blend of play and innovation that captivates and inspires.

  • Anime Enthusiast: Ace's retreat into the captivating narratives and spirited fun of anime serves as the perfect evening respite. This cherished time is for relaxing with a deep appreciation for anime's rich storytelling and infectious joy. Ace's love for these animated journeys reflects a balance between seeking profound narratives and embracing sheer entertainment, showcasing a passion for the depth and diversity that anime brings to life.

  • Retro Rhythm Rocker: With a keen ear for melodies that resonate with the soul, Ace explores music through a lens of nostalgia and rediscovery. Celebrating sounds from a time perceived by many as distant or disregarded, Ace revives these rhythms, reminding us of the timeless connection we share with music across eras.

  • Wit-Warrior: Navigating the world with a blend of facetious charm and a humor spectrum ranging from PG-13 to Rated R, Ace disarms and delights. This ability to weave laughter and lightness into conversations breaks the ice, and forges connections, proving that humor is a powerful catalyst for camaraderie and insight.

  • Futurist Pioneer: Since the turn of the millennium, Ace has keenly observed the technological currents that most people are only beginning to recognize today. With a prophetic eye on the digital revolution since Y2K, Ace has been deeply attuned to the transformative potential of emerging technologies. It was in 2017 that Ace took a pivotal step from observer to active participant, immersing himself in the worlds of AI, robotics, blockchain, and NFTs. His engagement extends beyond mere adoption, delving into the merging of VR, AR, and the looming and megalithic realm of quantum computing. Ace's insights into these advances offer a visionary outlook on their integration into society, manufacturing, and our collective future, making him a guiding light in navigating the impending societal metamorphosis.

 In Ace, you'll discover not just a consultant or coach, but a fellow journeyer through life's rich tapestry, with endless opportunities for mutual discovery and connection.

Engage with Ace directly or through Social Media to explore shared interests, experiences, and the beginning of a life redefined by luxury, growth, and genuine connection.

Welcome to your next chapter with Ace, where excellence is not just pursued—
it's achieved.

Contact Ace

Reach out to Teryhn Through 𝕏 or find our contact info and schedule an exploratory orientation through the link below

Please understand that to respect Ace's Time, Teryhns time, and YOUR time... There will be a small booking fee to meet with Ace.

This fee will be deducted from any services you may employ. NR.
(60 USD or = CAD/BTC/ETH/Alts; ask Teryhn if your Currency of choice is accepted.
Payment methods include but are not limited to: Stripe/
 Paypal/ E-transfer/ CC Etc.

After the initial orientation, you will receive three courses of action.

1. A plan or perspective appropriate to your situation. Should your situation not require more than a conversation or two, that will be stated at the end of your call. Ace has the right to refuse service.

2. A plan of action where Ace is available for a longer follow-up meeting or a few appointments per month incl. some email/ DM/ PM/ Text within reason. Define results and work towards them.

3. A Partnership, if appropriate, where Ace can assist you regularly either side by side, on video, or in person; As a consultant or a coach. Should your situation require in-depth involvement/ high levels of discrepancy and/ or highly public/ polarizing situations that need steadfast support, Ace can accommodate these needs.


Depending on your situation these rates and plans can be adjusted to suit your circumstances and budget. We highly recommend booking an exploratory orientation with Ace today. 

Bookings are Limited.

Alternatively, you can interact with Ace on Social media.
He is mostly on 𝕏 @AceSpaders and will be making efforts to appear on sites like IG @AceSpaders. 
If you can find him on other social media...
Great! Thank you for your time interest and continued attention.
We aim to provide you with valuable content, info, and attention!


These are a few Testimonials from the many conversations with these wonderful warriors of life. These are special to Ace.

Have you seen enough and want the menu?


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Matthew  RJ   Ferguson

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